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This page has links to other websites containing fife and drum information, whether lambegs or otherwise. If you come across a related website or want us to link to your website,

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Fife &
The local forum for fifing and druming on this side of the Atlantic
Billy Kennedy’s tradition of the Lambeg Drum.
Ulster Scots
More information on the 'Lambeg' drum from the Ulster Scots Agency.
Fife and drum site.
information on the lambeg drum.
information on the lambeg drum.
Luton and Bedford lambeg drumming club
based in the English Midlands
County Antrim Drumming association
Calendar of the 2006 season of drumming matches in Co. Antrim
there are a few videos of fifes and drums on youtube.  Here's one of the 'fife and rattly' from Rasharkin
vertical line The Company of fifers and drummers
Worldwide list of fifers and drummers.
American makers of fifes and drums.
Fife &
American fife and drum web page with an excellent comprehensive links page among other things
Peeler Fifes
Ron Peeler is a fife maker with a passion. He's also picked up a fair bit of historical knowledge over the years.