Galgorm Fife and Drum Club
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Photographs, old and new, of fifes and drums from Galgorm and the surrounding area. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger picture
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You'll notice in the pictures below that there's very little military style about the drums. All of that association has gone. There are no uniforms, and the participants walk (or dance!) rather than marching. What began as a tool of war has evolved into a purely musical cultural tradition.
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Galgorm fifes and drums in July 2002 Photograph of Galgorm fifes and drums taken at 'the Twelfth' in July 2003 vertical line Galgorm Parks on Parade c1930 Galgorm Parks' fifes and drums sometime in the 1930s or '40s.
Wullie Robinson and John McClean in Ballymena c1990 Wullie Robinson and John McClean fifing in the late 1980s 3 of Galgorm's drums After an evening practice the buffs are let off the drums so they can rest between playing